Women in horror month showcase part 5

Collage by Chloe Leeson

Women in Horror Month aims to showcase and carve out a space for women in the horror genre. Whether this be behind the scenes, writing, directing, producing or on-screen badass-ery. A true celebration of everything bloody and brilliant. During the month of February, here at Screenqueens we’re going to be showing off masses of female talent in our showcase, this could be anything from amateur experimental shorts to festival circulating features so keep your eyes peeled. 


Hana Smith

Hana Smith  is a 15 year old from Kansas City. This is a short film she did last semester for a film class entitled ”Spectre Detectors”. The premise is these kids who have a YouTube channel, and they make ”fake” ghost videos. They go out on a hunt and end up finding something real, and one gets possessed. They shot it in two days, she did all the makeup. The quality is lower on purpose as they wanted it to have a found footage feel/look to it.


Lindsay Serrano

Lindsay Serrano is the co-founder and producer at Mass Grave Pictures based in NYC. She’s a writer, producer, director and special fx makeup artist. She is submitting two films:

Blood Slaughter Massacre is being released April 21, 2015 from Wild Eye Releasing. Lindsay produced this film and assisted her all female team of make-up artists (Cat Martin and Emily Stinson). This is an homage to all of the great 80s slasher films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Pieces and Slumber Party Massacre. They originally started the project by making a number of faux trailers before making the feature film. You can see these trailers as well as the trailers for the feature film here

The second film is their submission for last years ABCs of Death competition. Lindsay co-wrote and designed the FX for this piece with her husband Manny. Their entry was M is for Mastectomy.. The actress Kathryn Lil went above and beyond for the role, visiting a cancer ward and learning about the effects of the procedure to apply to her performance. It has won an Honorable Mention at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in Winter 2014 and Kathryn Lil won the Macabre Faire’s Best Victim Award in 2014. It was also an official selection at the 5th Annual Severed Short Film Night, the Horror Happens Film Festival 2014, the Mascara and Popcorn Body Horror Contest, the Puerto Rico Horror Fest 2014 and the Liberty Massacre Short Film Festival 2014.



Micki Hernandez

Micki Hernandez is 34 and in her last semester at Temple University for television and media production. She made this film whilst getting her Associates degree.

Aberration is about 3 film students who find out the hard way that evil does exist, behind the walls of an abandoned mental institute.


Jenn Stilley

Jenn Stilley is a director of photography and film editor from North Carolina and a recent film studies graduate. Surrounded by few other lady DP’s and editors, she finds it important to show that women can compete in the game of technical filmmaking and photographic arts, which continues to be dominated by men (cinematography yielding the lowest percentage of women at 2%). She has been working alongside her boyfriend, writer and director Chaz Fulk, for over 5 years and she thinks they make the perfect team.
A House in Walkertown – An egotistical mother pressures her son into searching for hidden money is the home of his recently deceased grandmother; what he discovers is a shocking secret.
The film was created as part of an international collegiate film festival that requires teams to write, shoot, edit, and score a film in less than a week. Walkertown won Best Picture and Best Director at this years campus festival and will continue to compete at the National level in June. It has also been chosen as part of the “Best of the Web” series for Virgin Airlines in-flight entertainment. The team’s previous film, Dangerous Times, also DP’d and edited by Jenn, won Best Picture at campus level, was a top contender at nationals, and was also an Official Selection at Cannes International Film Festival 2014.
Jovanna Machine
Jovanna Machine is a Serbian carnal and painful body artist. Peep Show shows her real plastic surgery and her after the surgery, challenging the male gaze, she asks ‘Am I pretty enough for you? Inside and out?’
She is a co-founder of Girls Can Do Horror, probably the first horror NGO in Serbia. She lives down South, in Leskovac, which is pretty much a zombie town and with all these great locations around, her ambition, of course, is to become a film director.

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