women in horror month showcase part 3
Artwork by Chloe Leeson
Women in Horror Month aims to showcase and carve out a space for women in the horror genre. Whether this be behind the scenes, writing, directing, producing or on-screen badass-ery. A true celebration of everything bloody and brilliant. During the month of February, here at Screenqueens we’re going to be showing off masses of female talent in our showcase, this could be anything from amateur experimental shorts to festival circulating features so keep your eyes peeled. 
stevelle hoffman
Stevelle Hoffman and is currently going to film school (about to graduate in May) to be a director. She’s lived and breathed horror since she was six years old, so it’s only natural that she wanted to make horror films. She wants to do all types of horror- paranormal, supernatural, gore, psychological, jumpy, etc. Since she decided to pursue directing, she’s never even thought about doing anything but horror films, and even though every class I’ve taken has tried to turn her away from doing horror, she hasn’t given in.
Sin is the story of a simple interview, when a young man finds his morals tested with severe consequences.
Sofia Adams and Max Ribbans
Sofia Adams co-directed, produced, edited, and did most of the actual filming for her film Statue in the square alongside her co-creator Max Ribbans. They are both students at Tufts University and are involved with making movies both in their school curriculum’s and outside of it.
Phoebe Olendorp
Phoebe Olendorp is 16, studying BTEC Creative Media Production and AS Film Studies at college and pursuing a career in film-making. The short horror film, No Place Like Home, was the first unit in her creative media course. Other than herself as the producer/writer, her group contained Alan Wild as the director, Louis Hadfield as the editor and secondary camera operator and Katie Millar as the primary camera operator and D.O.P.

No Place Like Home is about a young girl who was emotionally abused by her father and brother; it had an extreme psychological effect on her and she has now decided to take her revenge on her father and brother. The short consists of the present day where she has her father and brother hostage and flashbacks to where and when the abuse was taking place.

Christiane Brew

Christiane Brew is part of a bi-lingual comedy group called Pirates of Tokyo Bay. She produced, co-wrote and acted in a short horror film called Human Chair. It was produced for the 2014 YouTube and Legendary Pictures Horror Film competition. She is based in Tokyo. Human Chair is directed by Rodger Sonomura.

Human Chair tells the story of a successful British writer in the 1920’s, Miss Granger, keeps herself to herself in the safety of her inspiring inherited mansion.  Due to her fame, she attracts attention from an otaku (a fan). He’s no ordinary otaku. After receiving his obscure letter in the mail, it slowly dawns on her that not only is he creepy, but he’s also violated the sanctity of her beloved writing space. Is she too late? Or has he really found her?
Aleah Lauchan
Aleah Lauchan created Sister Moon Films in early 2013 with the intention of beginning her directing career at the end of her MFA Film Studies at AAU in San Francisco. A lover of all the creepy and the crawly, Aleah aims to make dark films that explore the real monsters inside all of us.
SMF’s first big project opportunity came with ‘All Bets on The Table‘, a 70’s style short horror film about a teenage girl that has a chance encounter with a mysterious cowboy who forces her to gamble on her own survival. The crew and cast spent a week in Lake Tahoe in a real life horror movie ‘boot camp’ with wild animals, heat and a very challenging time crunch!

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