women in horror month showcase part 2


Collage by Chloe Leeson

Women in Horror Month aims to showcase and carve out a space for women in the horror genre. Whether this be behind the scenes, writing, directing, producing or on-screen badass-ery. A true celebration of everything bloody and brilliant. During the month of February, here at Screenqueens we’re going to be showing off masses of female talent in our showcase, this could be anything from amateur experimental shorts to festival circulating features so keep your eyes peeled. 

Gokce Duman

Gokce is wannabe female director and cinefille from Istanbul. She’s spent her entire conscious adulthood filming her surroundings, anytime, anywhere, without any reason (at times with some reason). She prefers (for now) improvisation during filming and edits the raw data according to her mood and whatever pops into her mind in the moment.

Rabarba is one of these performances without preparation. It was a funny process with everyone laughing and asking her questions like “what are we going to do next? What’s my line? What’s my step?” and so on. In the end they were surprised that the edit resulted in a different way than merrymaking and gave them a thrill.


Rachel Glassman

Rachel Glassman is a high school aspiring filmmaker located in Toronto, Canada. Rachel and three other girls from her highschool have all written, directed, produced and acted in this film about a young girl faced with a Stalker. Combined with strange occurrences throughout a regular day, The Stalker is a psychological horror film.


Madeleine Martin

Madeleine Martin is a Raindance Film MA student and recently made Henri as a 48 hour challenge (and won).  She’s currently in pre-production with the same director for another short called The Hike which is a horror, as well as a mumble-core short scheduled for filming in July and their first feature next summer.

She lives on the south coast of England thinks the greatest films ever made are Chinatown, Darjeeling Limited and Some Like it Hot but her favourite film is The Shining. She loves sitting in her tent drinking rum punch and reading slutty thrillers but nothing beats watching late night horror films and b-movies on a school night.
Ana Almeida
Ana Almeida was born on a snowy night in 1982 in Portugal. She is a film-maker and a journalist. She’s produced some horror shorts and directed some non-horror films, but her début short was directed by her and it’s in the horror genre. It has played in some WiH events in the past.

‘A Noiva’ (The Bride) is a 2007 short that homages the american slasher genre, the giallo looks and the asian horror iconography. It was made fresh out of film school. It played in over 50 film festivals worldwide. It is about a legend of Northen Portugal, about a ghost bride who haunts couples in the Douro river.

Laura Leamus and Mariana Leanez
Laura Leamus and Mariana Leanez are two 15 year old girls from Caracas, Venezuela, they call themselves ‘amateurs’, and have no experience on a professional level, but love films and film-making. They are submitting their first project called ‘El Despertar’ or in English, ‘Awakening’. They wanted to portray through a nightmare the coming of age of a young girl. They symbolized internal conflicts about identity, sexuality, confusion and maturity in the creepy dream sequence.

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