2015 must sees

Collage by Chloe Leeson

The sequels and series:


Possibly the most anticipated film of the year, J.J Abrams outing into the Star Wars universe is sure to be a treat considering his work on other sci-fi’s, his amazing cast (Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, Oscar Issac and Domnhall Gleeson to name a few) and beautiful teaser trailer. We know Leia, Han and Luke are back but not much else. It’s nearly 12 months away and the world is already on the edge of their seat.


2015 will be the year of Chris Pratt, after huge success in Guardians of the Galaxy he now fronts Jurassic World, set 22 years after the first film. The park is now all decked out and functioning but a new attraction is brought in to boost attendance that goes horribly wrong…..


2nd most anticipated film of the year perhaps? The Avengers are back in the long awaited sequel to the 2012 film. Ultron poses as this film’s bad guy after a Tony Stark peace-keeping programme goes wrong. Expect to see newcomers Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen cooking up a storm as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.


The 2nd film in the Divergent trilogy, Trios Prior now continues to fight against the oppressive government of her post-apocalyptic world. After trying to stop Jeanine from killing off Divergents in the first film, the stakes are raised as she goes into battle once more, this time teaming up with the factionless and a group of rebels wanting to be freed from the chains of their society.


After a quite frankly pretty fuckin’ great first film, its going to be interesting to see how Thomas and the other surviving Gladers cope once they are out of The Maze and placed into the next phase of gruelling challenges in a world of solar flares and disease; The Scorch Trials.

No Trailer


In November we wave goodbye to The Hunger Games with what is sure to be a stunning finale. Peeta’s just been rescued from The Capitol and is hijacked, Katniss is seeking to regain the boy she once knew whilst juggling a full-on war amongst the Districts and The Capitol, with Katniss continuing to pose as The Mockingjay. Vive la revolution!

No trailer


They’re back pitches! Everyone’s favourite all singing, all dancing and too-fucking-funny bunch of gals are headed to an international accapella competition. Expect Rebel Wilson brilliance, hinted lesbianism, whispering under the breath, sexual advances, all-out hilarity and some banging tunes.


Same director as the original. All new cast.  In this post-apocalyptic desert landscape everyone fights for basic necessities, social constructs have been thrown out the window and chaos ensues. Max and Furiosa are the main characters here and all I can tell from the trailer is there’s a lot of huge cars, massive explosions and Nicholas Hoult with a shaved head. Fury Road truly looks like a rip-roaringly good ride.


Sure to bag a tonne of awards:


Already gaining huge amounts of awards attention and pointing at a rebirth of Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum, career-changing in fact. Based on the true story, the brother boxing team, Team Foxcatcher is managed by millionaire Jon E. Du Pont, who pushes the brothers to breaking point and tests boundaries. Carrell is sporting a fake nose and teeth and it all just looks very sinister.


If it wasn’t for this trailer I never would have known that Stephen Hawking was English. I also would never have cried the past 6 times I’ve been in the cinema. With a trailer that can reduce you to tears, I have high expectations for the Stephen Hawking biopic about his journey from Oxford and Cambridge student to his diagnosis of ALS and most closely looking at his relationship with his wife during this time.


A film about Jazz drumming? Can’t be that interesting, right? WRONG. The trailer alone is heart-racing. Miles Teller is the student and J.K Simmons the tutor in this intense drama, word from the U.S and film festivals speaks of an electric pairing from the two leads, made even more so by Miles actually doing all the playing himself.


Sporting what seems to be one of the best ensembles of the year, Birdman doesn’t seem to be able to be defined by a genre. One minute its drama, the next comedy, then it’s dark and twisted then all those things mashed together. Michael Keaton stars as Riggan, an old actor, previously famous for playing a superhero, who is trying to get back into the limelight by getting on-board a Broadway production.

WILD (16.1 UK)

An Into the Wild for 2014, but without the dying (I hope?). Reese Witherspoon goes on a 1,100 mile trek, alone, to confront, work through and get away from a traumatic event she just experienced. It looks raw and heart-felt and a game-changer for Reese.

SELMA (6.2 UK)

Director Ava Duvernay is making huge waves in film right now, not only is she a black woman, but she’s incredibly vocal about ending oppression, as seen here in Selma, the story of Martin Luther King Jr’s march in 1965 to secure equal voting rights.


Everyone loves Paul Thomas Anderson and he’s back with this 70s set detective drama about a drug riddled detective investigating the disappearance of a former lover. Joaquin Phoenix is back after his stint with P.T.A during The Master as Detective Larry Sportello.


Other stuff that sounds really cool:


Neill Blomkamp is great. He’s doing super interesting things with the sci-fi genre right now (District 9, Elysium), his stylish robots, aliens and various other creations blend a perfect mix of humour and action whilst dealing with the idea of being an outsider. Chappie is a robot, a very gifted one too. He is learning about the human world while some encourage it and others want him gone. Die Antwoord are also making their big screen debut here!


The next John Green book to be adapted, Paper Towns is sure to reap just as much success as The Fault in Our Stars, especially with model Cara Delevingne as the leading lady. As far as John Green novels go, Paper Towns is one of the better ones, Quentin (Nat Wolff aka dreamboat) and his friends embark on a quest to find Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara), whom Quentin is fascinated by. Haters think it’s stupid but others say it’s a deconstruction of the manic pixie dream girl….we’ll let you decide.

No trailer

ANT-MAN (17.7 UK)

Ant-Man is the latest new movie to be spawned from The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also the one to be closing Phase 2. Paul Rudd stars as the oddly named superhero who can shrink himself down but gain strength whilst doing so. Sounds a bit rubbish, right? I highly doubt it, with the ever brilliant and charismatic Paul Rudd at the fore-front it will be anything but.

No trailer


Quentin Tarantino is mainstream cinema’s darling. He is probably one of about 3 directors who the general public can remember. This alone gives the hype just for a title of his film to be other-worldly. Good old Quentin’s gone back to The Wild West with a tale of bounty hunters that get ‘involved in a plot of betrayal and deception’ so the usual multi-layered Tarantino film then. He’s dragged together a huge cast from a number of his films including the obvious Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel, Tim Roth and Zoe Bell.

No trailer

XX (?)

It would be a shame to see a ‘must see’ list out without any horror on it, even more so when it’s the first all-female horror anthology EVER. Think of films like V/H/S that are different segments from different directors or even The ABC’s of Death, ‘XX’ combines a group of women horror directors’ disgusting and terrifying tales. On the directors list is old-hats like Mary Harron (American Psycho), current IT-girl Karyn Kusama (Jennifers Body), and new-comers like Jovanka Vuckovic.

No trailer

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