STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Cruising: On S&M, Al Pacino’s perm and a Cowboy in a thong


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.

  • Oh look it’s the Rubber Man from American Horror Story


  • Al Pacino has a perm lol


  • “There’s a lot about me you don’t know” HMM FORESHADOWING SOMETHING maybe??
  • Aww Al’s so short
  • Al Pacino IN LEATHER
  • Trying to beef up but just screaming uncomfortably….


  • So now he’s having sex with his girlfriend but still wearing the leather bracelet from the club…hmmm maybe his undercover life is starting to bleed into his real life a little bit??
  • Oh my god these extras…”Just shot some scenes at a gay S&M club at work today, the usual.”
  • So he’s looking up at the ceiling with tears in his eyes while having sex with his girlfriend…so he’s “turning” gay? Maybe he’s starting to like what happens at the club. At least they’re not portraying this as something inherently bad, just something he’s conflicted with.
  • The actual plot is kind of haphazard with some raunchy club scenes in between.
  • The investigation/finding the killer part of the movie is pretty boring when it really shouldn’t be
  • So glad I’m watching someone get fisted with my dad
  • He’s trying to dance but instead he’s just vibrating


  • I wonder what would’ve happened if the cops hadn’t busted in on them…. would he have let it continue?
  • A black man in a cowboy hat and thong just came into the interrogation room
  • I’m not making this up


  • And now he just slapped Al and walked away
  • Do they keep him in the waiting room, just sitting in a thong and ready to intimidate people when needed?
  • Oh that’s where he goes. Do all police stations have this??


  • So now he’s telling the captain that the case is “affecting” and “doing things” to him…I think I know what!!
  • I think he found the killer! But this isn’t really exciting at all.
  • I’m confused
  • Oooh he’s going to the park to catch the killer
  • Oh ok solved the case but it was handled very blehh it wasn’t even tense or anything
  • I guess cause the police just wanted to wrap the case up as quickly as possible. Maybe the real killer (of the other club members) is still out there?
  • I guess the real focus of the film is Al undercover and what he deals with, not really the case?
  • Oh no Al Pacino’s neighbor and friend Ted is dead
  • I think Al Pacino killed him!!!!
  • His girlfriend found his ‘cruising’ clothes – leather jacket, hat and sunglasses
  • Ambiguous close up of Al looking the mirror….
  • Soooo I guess HE killed Ted because he was trying to suppress his homosexual feelings? Is that what I’m supposed to be getting from this? I think so..
  • Weirdly calm ending music….
  • So this movie a lot of controversy, people didn’t want homosexuals being depicted as ALL violent and depraved but I think if you have common sense you should know that S&M is more of a subculture for homosexuals AND heterosexuals too.
  • I didn’t find it particularly offensive, but I can see how some might see it as problematic
  • I just thought it was kind of muddled but pretty fun for seeing Al freaking Pacino take on this kind of role!

By Caroline

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