STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- The Devil Inside: On possession, Kim K Hollywood and 14 year olds at the cinema


-I never get anything decent watched these days because my dad or brother always has me watching shit like this

-I love exorcism movies but I also hate them at the same time, mainly just the formula of more recent ones I guess.

-This gals got damn good brows


-I quite like ‘mockumentary’ style films, they are so much more interesting than your general ‘found footage’. The Last Exorcism absolutely killed it in that sense.

-As if you’d allow a completely insane murderer alone in a room with another person completely unrestrained and surrounded by potential weapons like those pens and that chair.

-This British fellas accents a bit nice ain’t it?

-Bloody hell this film is so slow, it’s not even attempting to build up any kind of tension

-Hmmm, learning some interesting things about pupil sizes in relation to demonic possession. I should probably get checked out.

-These Mini Cheddars I’m scranning right now are amazing by the way…..

-There is something ridiculously perverted about the presentation of women in exorcism and possession movies (and luckily enough for you I’ve already written about it here)


-I’ve just looked over at my brother and he is quite clearly having a mental breakdown right now

-This is exactly the sort of movie that 14 year olds get into and think they are really cool for doing it and this is exactly why my brother has decided we are watching it. If he wants people to think he’s cool for seeing horrors then he could at least pick something decent?

-I think I might be possessed because my dog has really fallen out with me lately and I’m seriously upset about it.

-I am seriously more focused on Kim K: Hollywood than I am this movie

-That fella shooting himself in the head has been the most exciting part of this film so far I am a terrible person.

-There hasn’t been nearly enough blood and guts in this movie for my tastes


-At least Paranormal Activity fucking tries to scare you, even if it is cheap and quite frankly, shit.

-Ran out of energy on Kim K so now have to direct my full attention to the final 10 minutes of this shit-heap.

-The tag line for this film is ‘no soul is safe’ aye definitely not cause I feel like mines just been sucked out.

-And in the words of my dad ‘what a crock of shit’.

By Chloe


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