HEARING DAMAGE: The best uses of Radiohead in film

HEARING DAMAGE- Best uses of Radiohead in film -Chloe

Vanilla Sky (2001)

Song: Everything In It’s Right Place

Album: Kid A 

Cameron Crowe’s mind-bending fantasy romance uses Radiohead in it’s opening sequence. A snoozing Tom Cruise is awoken by Penelope Cruz’s frequent chant of ‘open your eyes’ ‘Everything in it’s right place’ electronic buzz plays softly in the background as he gets ready for the day and heads out to work to find Times Square completely deserted. ..

Romeo & Juliet (1996)

Song(s): Talk Show Host, Exit Music For A Film

Album(s): The Bends (Collectors Edition), Ok Computer (Collectors Edition)

Baz Luhrmann kicked off his penchant for modern soundtracks over classic texts with Romeo and Juliet, featuring two Radiohead songs (amongst a killer killer soundtrack ft a tear inducing rendition of ‘Everybody’s Free’). The laid back nature of Talk Show Host makes me want to don a tropical shirt, grab a personalised gun and stroll along the beaches of Verona with the Montague boys.

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Song(s): Fog, Skttrbrain (Four Tet remix), Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

Album(s): Amnesiac (Collectors Edition), Hail To The Thief (Collectors Edition)

Trippy and unnerving animation from Richard Linklater, A Scanner Darkly deals with a dangerous new drug (Substance D) which can bring about schizophrenic behaviour and one particular character, Charles Freck, becomes obsessed that he is constantly covered in bugs, which the jittery style of Radiohead seems to pin down perfectly, leaving you feeling all twitchy by the final credits.

50/50 (2011)

Song: High and Dry

Album: High and Dry

High and Dry is undoubtedly one of Radiohead’s more mainstream songs and used here when Adam is first told he has cancer. The guitars and steady drum beat evoke a strange sense of nostalgia and wonder for me personally. As Adam researches his condition, reflects on the bus and breaks the news to his friend & girlfriend, you can’t help but feel connected on his journey and wonder ‘will he make it out alive?’

Whip It (2009)

Song: No Surprises

Album: Ok Computer

Ellen Page is already a huge mega-babe. Ellen Page in her undies making out in a swimming pool is also great. Ellen page taking her shirt off in the middle of a street to take the jacket from a boy wearing a Daniel Johnston ‘Hi How Are You?’ t-shirt while Radiohead plays in the background? SOLD.

Children of Men (2006)

Song: Life in a Glasshouse

Album: Amnesiac (Collectors Edition)

The political dystopia of Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men links perfectly to Life in a Glasshouse. In the scene depicted above, Theo and Jasper discuss some social issues over a joint. Listening closely to the lyrics humming softy in the background ‘don’t talk politics and don’t throw stones’ all relate perfectly to the subject matter at hand.

Twilight (2008)

Song: 15 Step

Album: In Rainbows

This is the place that started it all for me personally. The first 2 twilight soundtracks are AMAZING, and that is largely due to the inclusion of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. Say what you will about the obvious downfalls of the story but the credits scene to Catherine Hardwicke’s 2008 adaptation is phenomenal. Those hazy blue/grey tones fading to a solid black and white as Victoria saunters down the stairs at Bella and Edward’s prom to 15 Step is iconic. And a sure fire way to build up wonderfully to movie 2.


By Chloe

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