STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- The Internship: On 2005, predictability and wanting to kiss Dylan O’Brien (a lot)


Stream of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we have whilst watching movies.

  • Ok so I’ve been hella curious about this film ever since I saw this video about it being a really good movie… about eight years ago. I know it’s really bad going into a movie with opinions already formed but once that was in my head there was no leaving…
  • also I am only watching this for Dylan O’Brien
  • this song IS a tune
  • get psyched mix who are you Barney Stinson??????
  • where has vince vaugh been?? I don’t actually think I have seen him since 2005
  • watch salesman? Interesting…. Tbh people do still wear them but it’s just for show really innit? Like they are a bit obsolete


  • computerised NOW? NOW yes this would have been good in 2005. People have been ok with technology for about seven years now. like HOW have these two survived ? bc now tablets/kindles/everything is technologised (I don’t think that’s a word)
  • totally unrelatable in 2014 man im quite mad about this
  • THIS WHOLE MOVIE IS SO UNCONVINCING – just lost their jobs, both single (newly), like urgh, nothing is flowing. Maybe it was just that actress but it seems like they’re just lining up scenes to make this whole thing possible. –scene of them losing jobs –scene of Owen stating he’s single –scene of Vince breaking up with girlfriend, finds job at Google –scene of Owen at sucky new job, Vince tells him to go to Google (and that’s the first thirty minutes)


  • man even this joke is 2005
  • like they’re actually fascinated by Google???? Like its become like the word for searching shit like an every day household world like no one cares much about it like no one cares when u say ‘microwave’ ur not still like WOW IT HEATS UP FOOD AMAZING so why are they fascinated by Google in 2013.
  • they are on a computer in a library? Who doesn’t own a computer in 2013 – BJ NOVAK HOLD EVERYTHING BJ NOVAK IS HERE
  • im cringing so hard like NO WAY would they not understand how to VIDEO CHAT??? Like yeah my mum shouts on a phone call but she knows how to Facetime?interview
  • they’re obviously getting the internship this does NOT need that much of a run up. – ok the fan in the blender is a good idea
  • what
  • HELEN THE UGLY CRIER WOW u don’t have an accent wot r u doin
  • ’it’s scary because it’s new’ yeah but its NOT it is, I had a computer before the new millennium. As In I had a computer in the 20th century. Ur two grown men five years into the 21st century and u can’t work video chat I am offended by ur idiocy in the developed world
  • oh here we go owen Wilson and Helen the ugly crier are gonna end up together aren’t they yes
  • they are gonna do really poorly most of the time then they’ll pull together near the very end and amaze someone with something and they’ll win
  • MAX MINGHELLA wow ur hot with that accent
  • ok so HYPOTHESIS max is the enemy he’ll be in the ‘best team’ and Dylan and them will suck until the end but then they’ll pull through eventually and max’s team will be revealed to be the asshole and vince and owen will win and everything will be great and they’ll get the job
  • max is REALLY HOT
  • god lyle is really annoying. I mean I’m an abbreviator but fuck me


  • so cringe slave leia oh GOD
  • AHA PERF she said they weren’t needed in this millennia im proud girl u go
  • oh god idiots don’t get an x-men reference, I can’t tell if the kids get the fly reference or not
  • fuck here comes the quidditch ok im a hazza p fan if there ever was one but no one REALLY cares about it now do they
  • so stupid Im embarrassed for everyone involved with this movie
  • clubbin with old people oh god
  • not shaming sex workers respect upped woooooo
  • ye like an actual fight would break up wtf is this movie. Like take every unrealistic situation and put them in one movie and its this
  • OH GOD VINCE UR SO OLD PLZ UR LIKE HER DAD SHE’S 21 this is CREEPAAAAAY u may not b hitting on her but still creepay
  • can Dylan just kiss a girl plz


  • collective hangovers are my favourite thing
  • owen needs a haircut
  • that is  A FLIP PHONE WTF I haven’t SEEN one of those in 100 years
  • HA scaring people is the best thing, I love scaring people and seeing other people get scared
  • ok let me kiss Dylan
  • and max
  • MAN u cant throw pizza around like that??????? Treat it with respect
  • owen wilson has never convinced me as a kisser
  • im smiling but this whole movie was totally lame Dylan didn’t even kiss anyone

HYPOTHESIS I had was pretty much right

This movie is basically one mega advert for google

Only watch if ur from 2005 or u rly like Google (and are from 2005)

-Words & Illustration by Mel

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