STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Kill Your Darlings: On Beatniks, mine-sweeping and Daniel Radcliffe’s snailtrail


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.


-Radcliffe’s looking hot with those glasses on this shouldn’t be allowed.


-Ah, it’s cause he has brown eyes here, I dig it,

-Honestly, Dane DeHaan can get all up in my grill whenever he feels like it (which is probably never, but a girl can dream, right?)

-I feel like my attraction towards these characters’ pretentious & well spoken manner is going to be a huge mistake by the end of this film

-‘Show me a man who is both sober and happy and I will show you the crinkled anus of a lying asshole’ TATTOO THIS ON MY FOREHEAD PLEASE

-Lucien is actually a really nice name. Kinda reminds me of Lucifer tho, so technically Satan.

-Feeling extremely invested in Lucien Carr’s jacket choices right now


-Beatnik is a cool word

-Wait, why has time stopped…..

-…..Oh, he’s on drugs.


-I don’t think I could ever make a blood pact that shit is unsanitary

-Haz P sat against that wall looking like he’s on the biggest comedown of his life.

-I love that Dane always looks like he’s been on a weekend bender and only grabbed about half an hours sleep probably on a bench in a park somewhere


-From this movie I get the impression that Allen Ginsberg would be the type of guy to do that thing where dudes masturbate whilst hanging themselves. Which is just fucked up.

-Lucien mine-sweeping in someone’s house. Story of my life. Lovely cheap night out.


-Fgs when are Lucien and Allen gonna make out this is seriously all I’m here for

-If I was an actor doing a kissing scene and I had to get rejected I’d probably take it really personally even though it’s scripted.

-Dan Radcliffe’s snailtrail has made me feel uncomfortable ever since those promo shots for Equus


-Still not 100% on his american accent after 102 minutes, oh well.

By Chloe


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