The first time I came across Oldboy was when i accidentally stumbled across it whilst searching the internet for interesting world films. I was instantly attracted to it by the cover, and the fact that i had previously watched films that originated from Korea/Japan and had liked what i had seen.

After watching it for the first time I spent a good 5 minutes afterwards just staring at the screen with my jaw dropped in complete awe. I could not get this film out of my head. Even when i watch it now, after watching it a dozen times, I am still find my self so amazed at it, and really struggle to put into words just how much i admire this film. Without giving too much away, this movie tells the story of Dae-su Oh, and average man who is kidnapped and imprisoned in a cell for 15 years without explanation. One day he is suddenly released, and left equipped with clothes, money and a mobile phone. He is then set onto a path of pain and suffering in an attempt to seek out his captor and the reason for his imprisonment, as well as get his revenge. It is solely because of this movie that i am now so fascinated with the creation of films, and am so admirable of the aesthetics and cinematography of them.

After watching it for the second time and getting over the initial overwhelming-ness of it, i was able to truly see just what an outstandingly made movie this is, and just how beautiful it is. Every shot of it is like a piece of art, bursting with background detail and colour, and the amount of attention to detail on the production design is simply amazing. Chan-wook park has astounding amounts of talent, and however cheesy it sounds, i have him to thank for helping me to see that a movie can really be a work of art. The cinematography is not the only brilliant thing about this film either, it is also backed up by fantastic acting from all cast members (especially Min-sik Choi aka Dae-su Oh), brilliant screenplay with very well developed characters, and a world class plot. It is a truly divine specimen of a movie, with crazy twists, violence, and just the right amount of strange. I will never be able to get the famous Dae-su Oh/squid scene out of my head!

By Hayleigh

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