STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: “54”—On Disco, Jersey, and 70s Fashion


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.

  • 80-year-old disco queen? I’m down.
  • Ryan Philippe?? YES. good.
  • ew, but his hair is beyond bad.
  • he cut his fcking hair #TYBG
  • w/ short hair, he totes looks lyke oldschool JT #ramen
  • IS THAT MARK RUFFALO?!?! lololololololololol. sweet stache, brah.
  • ya! fck u, Jersey!
  • white dude in beige suit w/ flesh-colored hair… you look lyke oatmeal
  • who would deny club admittance to a dude in a denim blazer? srsly.
  • new insult: “jive ass turkey”
  • balding Mike Myers?? This movie has the best cast.
  • wait, but disco culture looks dope. can this plz have a resurgence?
  • truman muthafuckin capote?! wtf
  • who let a child into this club?! #cherubic
  • glitter ppl, let me join ur ranks


  • OMG he’s so awk… this hurts me
  • heather matarazzo, ur my god
  • omg, his dad’s tie… #POWERCLASHMETALLICS
  • “I couldn’t find the right socks.” #same
  • Neve Campbell, u goddess
  • wut r u wearing?
  • his dick wuz the size of this ketchup bottle. #word
  • Selma Hayek, ur hair… ew.
  • where does one get a denim jumpsuit??
  • ~don’t make me sing~
  • they’re totes gonna fuck
  • *~party favors~*
  • can’t see Mike Myers w/o thinking of Austin Powers… I think I’ve ruined this whole film for myself.
  • “I’m not gay… I wanna suck ur cock.”- Mike Myers
  • pukin’ on piles o’ cash lyke it ain’t no thang
  • I sincerely wish to be as fabulous as this disco granny
  • bb, wut’s ur sign? asking for a friend…
  • that Lacoste polo, tho
  • mmmmmmmmm, satin dolphin shorts. I can dig it.
  • Selma Hayek, why you got an afro?
  • OMG… Mark Ruffalo… u kill me. why don’t u still have a mustache??
  • omg… this coked out lady has the most phenom sequined blazer. shutup.
  • Body of David, face of Boticelli. dayum. #smooth
  • fuck. that suede fringe. yes.
  • are lace up pants still a thing?
  • ANOTHER Lacoste polo? u go, Myers.


  • this could straightup be some shitty photoshoot for “sexy” greeting cards. #dudesdicksdenim
  • gawd, sum1 disco w/ me, plz
  • wuz that Andy Warhol? yes, good.
  • hi, ur butt is cute af
  • oooooh, leopard print & jade. I would never have dreamed of such a magnificent combination.
  • Selma, u think u fresh. who u playin’?
  • “troglodyte” lol.
  • that middle part, tho.
  • ewwwwww. put that smirk away.
  • “suburbanite disco”—cool album title
  • 1,2,3, WHOOOOOO
  • “Think Travolta!” do I ever think anything else??
  • ummm…. sexual tension lyke wut
  • is the space above a ceiling meant for storage? why don’t we just make taller ceilings w/ that space? I don’t get it.
  • old women never pay 4 their drugs. word.
  • “path of excess leads to the palace of wealth.” okay, if u insist.
  • “cock ring in the left pocket”: an autobiography
  • WOAH. wut if my grandma is actually a crunk disco granny???
  • “I HELPED YOU GET YOUR FIRST STEAKHOUSE!” does that mean nothing to you?!?!
  • this shit is ripe for a Wrangler jeans ad
  • what kind of name is “Greg” ???????? #old
  • AmerAppar could learn a thing or two from this film
  • #fuckoffImnoturslave
  • Mike Myers, u dweeb
  • wut r bras?
  • why do latina actors hold on to their accents so much more than latino actors? wtf
  • Heather! why’d u have 2 go & get braces?!?!
  • Forever Inept: The Matarazzo Story L
  • who wears furs w/ a white Hanes T?
  • call me a bird of paradise, so I know that it’s real
  • THAT IS “not my name!”
  • is this luv?
  • bowl w/ me, bb #readytoattack
  • fuck. they’re so cute. SHUT UP.
  • tossing drug paraphernalia out the car window & other fun activities.
  • is ur tux inflatable, Mike?? it looks like an effing lifejacket. or maybe the coat Cuba Gooding Jr. wore in “Snow Dogs”
  • champagne & a rolodex
  • bow tie, no shirt #casual


  • “plz, I’m so lonely.”
  • #gracekelly. Mika? anyone?
  • I think ppl luv champagne, cuz it’s the glitter of alcoholic beverages
  • oh, bb L I cry 4 u
  • beezy, he luv’d u. u suk so hard.
  • oh, no worries. just let me snort this here coke during my speech. I’ll hold the mic by my face so that you can hear! lol.
  • she looks lyke an Egyptian pelican
  • no one gives a single fuck.
  • oh. maybe they do?? idk. this sux, srsly.
  • gawd, I hate this so much. shutup, Selma.
  • did the old lady just seize??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  • she was lyke Betty White b4 “old” wuz ~cool~
  • well, if she is indeed gone, I’m glad she went out in a sea of glitter. #majestic
  • these ppl aren’t ur friendz
  • WAIT, WUT. that transition wuz much 2 quick.
  • *~princess grace~*
  • poor granny L
  • “I’m SHANE 54!” #deep
  • Joe? Billy? ha! basic…
  • omg, get away from the big bad city! how original!!
  • “let’s face it—we’re Jersey.”
  • you can’t smolder that hard and call sum1 ur “friend”
  • 2disco?? no such thing.
  • first bartending, then construction? v. Jersey
  • gawd, Mike looks lyke a creepy confectioner w/ a fatal illness
  • he must have a disease. he HAS to.
  • parole officer. HA.
  • this is cheesy af, but the costumes are dope.
  • my mom has those same pants, but in black. #chicos
  • dude lipgloss. Yes.
  • of course they all happily reunite to a lighthearted disco ballad. fuck this.
  • solid slow fade-out. v. emotional.
  • why did it have to end lyke that?? ewwwwwww.

By Katarina

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