STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Shame- On Carey Mulligan, colour schemes and a whole lot of sex


Stream of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have while watching movies.

  • GOD, I love Michael Fassbender
  • This girl’s belly is amazing
  • Wow, I think I just saw Michael’s penis
  • Awh his name is Brandon that’s cute
  • The bone structure on this guy
  • I never see anyone that good looking on public transport
  • Ew no leave her alone she’s not that into you
  • Business people doing important business stuff
  • White people dancing
  • Watching men hit on girls in bars makes my skin crawl
  • Do all Americans have baseball bats in their houses in case of intrusions?
  • I like this girl in the shower, but I would hit her with the baseball bat I think
  • AYYY the shower girl is Carey Mulligan and her hair is looking really cute


  • No one is wearing anything except white and blue-grey
  • She’s his sister?? NO they were all flirty and gross no
  • Sissy and Brandon their parents are on point with names
  • Carey Mulligan suits all hair colours
  • His friend/boss is going to have audible sex with his sister in his hose this is not okay
  • Brandon is such a graceful runner, look at him go
  • He doesn’t own anything even remotely colourful
  • When his boss asks him about his laptop history you can see his stomach drop
  • I forgot the word “handsome” even existed imagine calling a boy handsome (having said that if anyone’s handsome it’s this guy)
  • Proper adult dates look so awkward  hope that never happens to me (ha)
  • WTF he just barked HAHAHA bizarre man
  • Awwwh look at him showing the faintest hint of charisma
  • If you’re going to masturbate and you know your sister is staying round LOCK THE DOOR you are a grown ass man ffs
  • She is your sister, you are naked, you are not allowed to call your sister a slut stop it
  • He filled up three dustbin bags with porn
  • If he kills Marianne this has almost been a less upbeat version of American Psycho (he’s not going to kill her)
  • Do actors get boners in sex scenes????


  • Literally getting paid to kiss attractive famous people wow
  • Adults r weird
  • New York has never looked like this before in any other movie, it looks so mundane
  • Look some colour! But it’s red and it is unnerving
  • This is just artistic porn really
  • Very intense, he’s looking straight at the camera whilst having sex I feel strange
  • His personal grooming has rapidly deteriorated
  • Imagine if you were on the underground and the train stopped and alarms went off dear Lord
  • I bet Sissy’s jumped in front of the train
  • “This is Sissy, leave a message. Don’t if you’re an asshole”
  • He can run really fast. Boys in films can always run fast and jump over fences
  • NOOOO she didn’t jump in front of a train, but this is worse
  • I feel sick no Sissy this is horrible
  • Red is a VERY distressing colour in this movie go back to being sterile and stale and grey please
  • My stomach is churning
  • She’s in a hospital bed that mean she’s not dead we’re good
  • One fucked up family
  • I hope he doesn’t shout into the rain, that’s overrated
  • I’m glad he didn’t shout that was much more powerful, real people don’t shout into the rain
  • You are tearing me apart Steve McQueen

By Joanna

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