As the award season crowning the critically lauded films of 2013 comes to a close, there has been one person who has kept the banal shows at least a bit more interesting – Emma Thompson.

Way before the time of JLaw, Emma Thompson has been putting the best internet trolls to shame with her own personal ownage of the media, proving why she is the object of my affections and the rightful owner to the Queen Bee crown.

From banishing her crippling high heels and having a well-deserved drink to present at the Golden Globes, to photobombing red carpet shots and flipping off Stephen Fry at the BAFTA’s, there is a reason why we must celebrate Emma in all her holiness and remind ourselves that there are actors out there who are like, you know, real human beings and all that.

Despite not being nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers in Saving Mr. Banks, I’m sure she’ll make a much-anticipated appearance at this year’s gala. If I have to sit through another set of awkward singing and Hugh Jackman jazz hands, I don’t know if my actions after can be accounted for.

So, until the next wave of Harvey Weinstein executive-produced films make their mark at the end of the year, let’s appreciate the gift that Emma Thompson has bestowed on us for this season; something that is severely lacking in these overhyped ceremonies – entertainment.  And awesome people.

By Cherokee

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