STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Harold & Maude: On 70’s chic, juxtaposition and wooden vulvas?


Stream of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have while watching movies.


-I enjoy the opening shot of the wing tip shoes

-Cat Stevens illuminates my life

-Look at the blush pink of those flowers in that mid ‘70s cinematographic haze

-Oh and now he hung himself? That escalated quickly

-Get off the phone he’s asphyxiating

-His mom is so glamorous, just look at the sheen on that ermaine velvet dress

-Harold’s morbidity reminds me of the Fitzgerald sisters in Ginger Snaps

-Harold does have his drowning man impression down pat but he would make an abysmal spouse

-I get good vibes from Maude



-I love the juxtaposition of Harold toying with the gun while his mom is so absorbed in the banality of that survey.

-C’mon Harold, take a cue from serendipity and befriend Maude

-”Your hearse?” “Yours”. Friendship is blossoming

-Wait, so you’re supposed to break out the arsonist tendencies on the first date?

-Maude should model for American Apparel.

-Did Maude sculpt herself a wood vulva or am I just lonely?

-Harold wants to be a daisy and I’m crying. This is beautiful.

-I like the visual symmetry. I like Maude’s rambling car

– Does no one take the keys out of their car?

-I want that burgundy, paisley, velvet house dress…that’s like the Holy Trinity of adjectives.

-They brought the tree back home.

-Awe, their smoking hookah in kimonos while Harold has existential realizations.

-I love all the paradoxes in this film. They talk of killing amongst the serenity of the ocean.

-Maude is the greatest, I love her more than Harold loves turtlenecks.

Harold and Maude


-Ooooh ritual suicide sure does make a grand impression on the thespian crowd.

-He told her not to play with knives. -Maude loves Harold. Harold loves Maude. Rosie loves this movie.

-I mean, fuck yeah get hitched! You do you, I’ll bring the champagnne

-Aesthetic synthesis. cut away shots. Cat Stevens.

-I, he drove, what? That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It renewed my faith in love and mutual wierdness. It should be required viewing for all humanity.

By Rosie

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