TRAILERS: Discussing The Purge: Anarchy, Under the Skin and the new Guardians of The Galaxy teaser


This week welcomed us with the trailer for the sequel to The Purge (2013, dir. James DeMonaco). For those of you who didn’t catch the first instalment, the idea is once a year for twelve hours all crime is legalised. People are encouraged to purge themselves of any violent and aggressive urges during this time ensuring low crime rates for the rest of the year.
Personally, I was a little let down by the first film. The concept is very interesting, but I didn’t feel it was used to its full potential. Hopefully, this upcoming sequel will right that. –Joanna


Here we have the recently released trailer for Under the Skin, the upcoming film from Jonathan Glazer (director of Sexy Beast). Scarlet Johansson (future queen of the world) plays a mysterious, very chic extra-terrestrial intent on seducing and misleading men.  Little is given away in the trailer, but it is sensual, very slick and very dark. The ad oozes something not entirely wholesome or comfortable, but still incredibly alluring.
We’ve got a good feeling about this one, roll on April. –Joanna


Another franchise for Marvel to get under their belt, Guardians of the Galaxy has been in development for some time, with much speculation as to how successful a big screen adaptation would be, but by the stunning visuals displayed in the 15 second teaser released today there is no doubt it’s going to be AMAZING. Following a team of misfits, thrown together after pilot Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) ends up in the possession of a powerful orb as they escape the clutches of Ronan, who wants the orb for himself. Obviously this big-budget extravaganza is going to be chocka block with its all star cast and sfx magic with talks of the team being incorporated into The Avengers 2….the full trailer airs in the US this evening. –Chloe

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