STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Princess Mononoke: On violence, watery lizard creatures and Lady Eboshi


Stream of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have while watching movies.

-I already have nee clue what’s gan on

-Studio Ghibli soundtracks are the grEATEST

-Seriously though what is going on?

-Oh my god he just took the arms off that guy and decapitated another guy wHAT these movies are never this violent

-All this talk of rice is really making me want a chinese takeaway

-I want a mountain dog as a pet

-These movies just calm me so so much

-He has a pulse in his arm oh OK

-What are those things they are riding cause the aren’t horses…. Elks? Stag? Reindeer? Are they even real?


-Time passes so quickly when I watch anime films

-I wish Studio Ghibli done previous character cameos like Disney do that would be cool as f***k

-This Lady Eboshi is one cool chick

lady eboshi

-Oh wait, she’s actually a bit of a bastard

-I love how athletic all animated characters are when I can barely get up a flight of stairs before being out of breath

-What? He just got shot and walked away?!!?

-The ape tribe have really cool accents

-They are in a really weird lake now and I want to go swimming (funny cause I can’t swim very well at all)

-Every Ghibli film I watch I’m just blown away by how other-worldly they are they make me feel like I’m on seriously mind-altering substances

-Arg what’s this cool watery lizard with tribal tattoos I WANT ONE


-Who thinks of these frickin creatures, man?

-Ashitaka looks exactly like Howl and Haku tho?

-She’s chewing his food for him and then giving him mouth to mouth some serious #firstdateprobs

-Did not even realise how big those Boars were….WOW

-Quite annoyed actually I thought this film was gonna be about a badass Priness who roamed the woods fighting off enemies alone, didn’t even know it involved a guy.

– I completely zoned out for like 10 mins there I am so lost

-Lady Eboshi is a v snappy dresser though

-Forest Spirit is gan pure sick

-I like that the main characters are more like bma’s/bro & sis than romantically involved

-Always v frustrated by optimists who lose everything they have but still have hope because they ‘are alive’ because tbh I want just rather curl up in a ball and die




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