STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Django Unchained: Accents, Cigarette holders and a stellar soundtrack


Stream of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have while watching movies.

  • Django djangooooooo what a dope song
  • Lighting is so badass in this flick
  • Does it get that cold in Texas that they can breathe steam?
  • I forgot how awesome Christoph’s beard is
  • How would you train a horse to bow?
  • Why would a dentist need a slave anyway?
  • Last chance fancy pants
  • Ok that was pretty fancy pants but why did he have to shoot the horse that was not necessary man
  • Throwing off the blanket like that was bad ass
  • They should just rename the film bad fuckin ass
  • I am doubtful horses heads explode in such a manner when shot
  • I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a black dude on a horse, I’m like 80% sure that’s a major white people thing.
  • Aw Django just standin there sit down my boy
  • The way Christoph talks is very therapeutic, what an accent.
  • Super nice editing
  • They all talk lak thes. Eh hunded rah-fels eh-med on yeh rah-t nah-w
  • How does he have that much saliva to spit out??
  • His slave wife speaks German, how very Tarantino.
  • “that’s the big house, we call it that cause its big”
  • Django its totally rocking that blue outfit
  • This dude got shot through a bible page stapled to his chest
  • Duuuuude the blood on the white roses I forgot what an awesome shot that was
  • Also forgot how brilliant some of Django’s one liners are… “im positive he dead”
  • Also just remembered Jonah Hill is in the movie somewhere
  • I’m fuckin with my eye holes
  • See even the early KKK had social problems between them.
  • For a period piece its still remarkably Tarantino-esque
  • Snow in Texas? Im pretty sure Texas doesn’t get snow… Unless this is a global warming thing…
  • How many people do you reckon had to check over the spelling of Mississippi in the transition?
  • Southern State Americans speaking French is interesting… what a mix of accents
  • Don’t get the point of those cigarette holders. They don’t look all that elegant either.
  • See, Django doesn’t use a cigarette holder
  • Did he just tear out this dudes eye?
  • What the fuuuuck
  • Kinda weird that the only time you see a slave getting treated like a human in this film (other than the case of Django and Dr Schultz) is when the slave is killing another slave.
  • I heard somewhere that Jamie Foxx used his own horse for some of the film
  • He is a rambunctious soul, you’re right Monsieur Candie.
  • Donald Glover would’ve been a cool Django
  • Death by rabid dogs would not be a fun death I don’t think
  • Ahh I also forgot about how Monsieur Candie is sleeping with his sister *shivers*
  • Also forgot how good Samuel L Jackson’s character is. Definitely one of my favourite Tarantino characters.
  • The use if soft focus is amazing.
  • “you sliver tongued devil you”
  • Eskimo Joe / Black Hercules.. I would be happy with either nickname
  • “if that had been a snake it’d bitten me.”
  • Apparently the “science of Phonology” was a legit thing for a short time
  • He is actually sawing open a skull at the table
  • This is the bit where Leo smashed his hand on some glass and just kept going


  • Bromhilda screams a lot
  • Wait wait wait so if he cut his hand open did he just smear real blood all over Hildy’s face?
  • Cause that’s just not hygienic
  • Like at all
  • People a century and a half ago had really neat handwriting yo
  • Don’t think Tupac was around when this film was set but still a decent soundtrack
  • How has Django not been shot once yet??
  • Hanging upside down naked and on top of that having an aerial shot is not flattering
  • No one wants to see that man fuck
  • Samuel L Jackson could totally narrate my life I’d be down with that
  • Ahhh yesss Tarantino’s cameo and one of the worst Australian accents I’ve ever heard
  • Riding a horse bare back can’t be much fun either
  • Why is that dude having a bath I the middle of the bar?
  • Did Django just shoot off the dude who was having a bath’s dick?
  • “it’s me baby” jeez what a smoothie
  • Is Django wearing Calvin’s clothes?
  • Cause that’d be kinda weird, also the clothes fit really well which is weird
  • “the D is silent, hillbilly.” See best one liners ever.
  • Django is using a cigarette holder, helloooo character development
  • Steven was an asshole though he totally deserved it.
  • That smile tho.


  • You kinda have to walk away from an explosion like that
  • Pretty good film, even on the 4th watch.
  • Didn’t expect it to pass the bechdel test and it didn’t haha.

By Chip

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