FILMS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Romeo & Juliet (1996)


Having been born in 1995, this film has pretty much been out since I can remember, and I actually can’t remember the first time I did see it. I just remember always being in love with it and naming it one of my all time fave films 4eva. Obvs it wasn’t a ‘love at first site have an epiphany I saw it and it changed EVERYTHING’ sort of movie, it’s just the first movie that got me really interested in movies. Also Paul Rudd? I just want to boop his nose for like a full 115 minutes.


It DOES help that Leo and Claire are two of the most BEAUT peeps I have ever seen

but I’ve only read Romeo & Juliet twice and I can talk along with the whole movie like I wrote the fuckin script


It’s just the film that really showed me that cinema is art (as cheesy as it sounds) because not only did I love the story and the characters but I loved the acting, and the soundtrack, and the lighting, the editing, the cinematography, colours, costumes, sets, everything about it I just adored. (Like Juliet’s church funeral candle thing SO beautiful with the blue crosses (also v. fire hazard but w/e). It made me see films as something more than just entertainment really and being a student doing a degree in film it’s clearly stuck with me (I guess it was a kinda big deal oops). I just love the entire film and everything about it. It’s a drama but it has some really funny moments and it’s so beautifully shot and the cinematography is holy wow incredible. So SO stunning. ALSO soundtrack. I know a soundtrack is amazing when I hear a song and immediately a film or a scene from a film is playing in my head, it has that much of a presence. I cannot hear Talk Show Host, I’m Kissing You or You & Me without seeing Leonardo’s lil face and I say ‘THE BOYS THE BOYS’ every time anyone ever says ‘boys’ ever.

I even have ‘violent delights have violent ends’ TATTOOED on me and I will never get tired of saying ‘peace….. peace???? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee’ wow man Tybalt is great even if he is a little shit and made Mercutio put A PLAGUE O’ BOTH [THEIR] HOUSES I still love them oh I love them all wow even the guy who gives romeo the poison (sorry spoilers oops but if you don’t know the story of rome & Jule shame on you) because I love the line ‘my poverty but not my will consents’ and I don’t know why I like it I just do I just love everything its one of those films that gives me butterflies and shit and makes me want to make art you know like getting so over excited im rambling Romeo Romeo ‘o serpant heart hid with a flowering face’ damn straight ur face is a beautiful flower leo daymn.

I watched it before writing this so obvs feelings have resurfaced (not that they’re not always with me)

Hubba hubba

But seriously this film is so incred and also baz is kind of a bae do you not think??


By Melanie


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