STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Abduction: Brow games, zoom shots and Sigourney Weaver being a badass


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.


-*sigh* white boys, well, white boy.

– Whens Taylor gonna turn into  wolf?

-ahahahahah remember The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl?? I fucking love that movie

-I feel like being in the presence of Sigourney Weaver would be a highly spiritual experience.

-I wonder if Taylors abs are insured?


-BATTLE OF THE BROWS: Lily vs Taylor who will win?


– I can’t believe Taylor is actually white I’ve been convinced that he isn’t forever, fuck you twilight.


-This woman fights amazing woah teach me your ways gurl

-Poor Lily Collins getting caught up in these shenanigans

-‘How bad is it?’ ‘I don’t know, it hurts’, and the award for worst delivered line ever goes to……

-Sigourney Weaver disguising herself with a tonne of balloons? THIS MOVIE IS GOLD


-This film is so intense my god

-Well the class project went tits up didn’t it

-I wonder how you go about filming graveyard scenes? Like do you have to reserve a plot and make a fake headstone for your fictional character thats fxn weird man

-They are in the train and GIF research tells me they are gonna make out real soon #STOKED

-Yr.9 me is screaming for Taylor but current me is crushing on Lily HARD


-So many extreme zoomshots i love it

-Do they put real duct tape on actors mouths, like that would fricking huRT

– Why’ve they gone to a baseball game that’s the stupidest plan ever

– As thrilling as this movie is it should pretty much just be re-titled ‘Taylor Lautner doesn’t listen to anyone’

– I could never run that fast bloody hell

– Why are they still using flip phones it’s 2011 fgs

-Sigourney Weaver is the toughest gal in this fucking film I loVE YOU!!!!!

By Chloe

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