The Christmas movie countdown is our way of sharing the movies that get us in the festive mood, every day until xmas (kinda like an advent calender, minus the chocolate, sorry)

Although not the first christmas movie that springs to mind, 2002 French film 8 Femmes delivers everything you’d want from a christmas classic… a holiday gathering, musical and…..murder?

Adapted by director François Ozon from Robert Thomas’ 1958 play, 8 femmes finds us at a holiday gathering where the master of the house is discovered murdered in his bed. Each woman is a suspect and each has a motive. Thrown in with a mix of dark comedy and musical interludes darks family secrets are revealed and each woman becomes more eager to discover the killer.


Possibly the largest female cast out of our entire christmas movie countdown, 8 femmes passes the bechdel test with flying colours! While the story does center around the women trying to figure out who murdered the man, this is in no way the women’s only presented thoughts. This film explores the relationship between these women and their multifaceted and very different characters, showing how those women either liberated themselves or conformed to their 1950s society.

By Chloe

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