1)       We all have UNIQUE IMAGINATIONS (say whattttt?!)

2)       About ten pages of written description (which, quite frankly, would be dull) would not be able to present one scene’s true detail and appearance (for example, the Great Gatsby)

3)       Actors/Actresses are REAL PEOPLE and therefore cannot satisfy a personal vision of a character.

4)       Dialogue adaptation is pretty hard-all the speech in a novel wouldn’t be able to carry a whole film (unless it’s used minimally, such as in There Will Be Blood)

5)       This may be personal, but as an avid reader, I will constantly build unrealistically high expectations for films-pretty much always leading to disappointment.

6)       Excluding descriptions of real places, sets rarely can be created EXACTLY as you/the writer envisioned.

7)       Reading a book in bed and watching a film in the cinema=different experience altogether (preference is insignificant, it is still not the same)

8)       Some actors/directors are REALLY BAD and let alone depicting a character you have an image of, they cannot depict anything. Because they are crap. And unsuccessful.

9)       Music adds a lot to a film, often subconsciously, leading to an atmosphere often not imagined, as unfortunately, reading a book, there is never accompaniment.

10)   Once again, I shall reiterate WE ALL HAVE UNIQUE IMAGINATIONS, therefore picturing things differently-conflicting imaginations between director/actor/designer and viewer will inevitably create disappointment. Dang it though-when your imaginations do match (and they have the budget for it) it’s truly the greatest-seeing a visual presentation of your own mind. (**BEWARE THIS IS A VERY RARE OCCURANCE**)

By Zoe

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