1458412_10151884392342736_1055696708_nHome Alone. My god. What a film. I watched it first when I was ten, sat at my granddads house with my assorted family scattered around, and I remember thinking “damn this kid has it good! If only I could spend a few days alone in such a massive house.”

And then you think back on it and you would’ve probably put yourself into a sugar induced coma within the first few hours of being home alone and probably not “hung around”.

But I digress. Home Alone is the number one Christmas movie in my book because it’s what everyone looks for in a Christmas movie. A lot of slapstick comedy, some soppy emotional bits, the kindness of a stranger, some quotable one-liners you can use over and over and over again, and spawned multiple awful sequels (seriously how many times can Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern crop up out of nowhere?)


Weirdly the film passes the Bechdel Test, when all the children are about to climb into the van to the airport Kate asks Heather if she counted heads, and Heather replies with the number. So, two named women, who talked to each other, about something besides a man? Test passed I guess?

By Chip

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