HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO: Top 10 female badasses


So everyone needs a hero right? As most of mine seem to be male, I started thinking about how many female heroes I actually have… I decided I do have quite a lot really, and they definitely need more recognition, so here it goes.

1010. Princess Merida, Brave (2012)

I just enjoy a Disney film that isn’t based on the Prince and Princess love story. I kinda wish it was about her going out and becoming some badass hunter with her bow in the woods but instead her mother turned into a bear. Still, very heart-warming and she was hella cool refusing to be in an arranged marriage. A great roll model for younger girls.(s/o to Scotland also)

 99. Carrie White, Carrie. (1976)

She didn’t even get taught about puberty. Girls, imagine the horror of your first period if you had no idea what it was about… I just about died being completely aware of what was going on. Telekinesis pretty much makes up for it though. I wouldn’t want to be her prom date though… or any of her classmates…or her mother *shudders at the thought of pigs blood*.  She does get revenge (it may have been death but revenge none the less) on people who did her wrong. Sticking up for herself, you go Carrie.

88. Clarice Starling, The Silence of the Lambs. (1991)

To be a student (even in the FBI Academy) to face a CANNIBAL (even in jail) takes some guts. Someone who could actually EAT you. For her to look into the eyes of a serial killer, give him personal information about herself for him to digest, and use it to manipulate her. Clarice, girl, that took some real guts. (Puns intended)

77.  Hermione Granger, Harry Potter (2001- 2011)

Making geek-chic cool since 2001. She really is the brightest witch of her age and boy does she use it to her advantage. She obliviates the memories’ of her parents, man that’s hardcore. She PUNCHES THE SON OF A DEATH EATER IN THE FACE. She marries Ron, and to love him after all the stupid crap he does well good for her, Hermione is hella cool.

66. Mathilda, Léon: The Professional. (1994)

Mathilda is a twelve-year-old girl whose family gets murdered as she takes refuge in a neighbour’s apartment. The neighbour, you ask? He’s only an assassin, who she manages to convince to train her into a cute as fuck mini-assassin (but equally as badass).

5 5. The Bride, Kill Bill (2003, 2004)

Every time I talk about this woman I get all giddy because I just love her. She is so cool, she murders like 88 warriors on her own and slices Lucy Lui’s head off. She’s half paralysed and kills Buck (who raped her while she was in a coma). She then proceeds to ride around town in his ‘’’’Pussy Wagon’’’ ‘cause she’s killer and sarcastic as fuck. She punches her way out of being buried alive and seeks revenge on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. She’s just. URGH.

44. Hit Girl, Kick-Ass. (2010)

 She’s what, like eleven? She literally kicks ass, drops the c-bomb on numerous occasions, takes bullets to the chest, and comes to the rescue of guys who are like way older than her. If I was that cool seven years ago… well I would have actually been cool when I was eleven. Why can’t we all have Nicholas Cage as a father?

3 3. Lizbeth Salander, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009/2011)

Piercings, haircuts, general worldy-ness. She screams attitude and I love it, so inspiring. She gets taken advantage of, but HELLA SHE GETS REVENGE. She is not letting no raping man get away with those actions. Mystery solving, crazy intelligent and strong. She’s really someone to look up to.

22. Ellen Ripley, Alien (1979-1997)

If you’ve never seen this woman in action get on it right now. From being the sole survivor of an alien attacked ship to being cloned and having ACTUAL ALIEN DNA inside her this woman has been through it all. I hope one day I’m as ace as she is (I hope it does not take aliens to prove it however)

11. Shosanna Dreyfus, Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Au Revoir, Shosanna!! A man dubbed ‘Jew Hunter’ screams this as young Jewish girl runs across an empty plain from him wielding a gun. Terrifying to say the least. A very VERY daring and brave move from her as her family was just shot right before her eyes. Ending up in Paris, she owns her aunt’s old Cinema, but she ain’t impressed your Nazi resume, Mr Fredrik Zoller. With a taste for revenge on the Politicians who killed her family, she burns down her cinema full of members of the Third Reich. That’s an accomplishment.

By Melanie

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