The Christmas movie countdown is our way of sharing the movies that get us in the festive mood, every day until xmas (kinda like an advent calender, minus the chocolate, sorry)


I’m sure at some point everyone’s had their doubts about the enjoyment of the Christmas season…. oh, just me then? Well I’m not alone. The Grinch embodies all my pessimism perfectly, being a bit of a scrooge at times this always gets me in the festive mood because it’s just so damn relate able.

Based on the book by childhood favourite, Dr Seuss, How The Grinch Stole Christmas follows the story of yep, you guessed it, how The Grinch stole christmas, or, at least tried to. The Grinch is the most hated person in the magical land of Whoville, a social outcast and the only person who doesn’t like christmas! That is until he meets cute pre-eyeliner baby Taylor Momsen aka Cindy Lou….


From what I recall no? There are more than two female characters but they never really have a proper conversation. Most conversations in Whoville are about christmas or The Grinch and is he a boy or a creature???

By Chloe

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