December is here, finally! It’s time to get out your favourite Christmas film and wrap up in Christmassy feelings of love and joy; enter ‘Love Actually’. This is one of my favourite Christmas films; it’s heart-warming and tear-jerking enough to even make the Grinch shed a tear.

Following the stories of multiple characters whose storylines somehow intertwine, ‘Love Actually’ is a perfect mix of 00’s nostalgia, festive romance, untimely heartbreaks and classic comedy. Not to mention how wonderfully British the whole thing is – London at Christmas is something else, and this film just makes me so grateful that I get to be part of it.

This film is best watched in a cosy room (preferably in front of a fire); in your most comfortable winter pyjamas, with a cup of tea and a box of tissues to hand (heads up, it is super soppy).

It also has some great comedy scenes, like this one with Rowan Atkinson:

And Hugh Grant showing off his moves:

I cannot recommend this Christmas film highly enough, and I’ll leave you with an amazing version of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ from the film before I start crying again.

By Beth

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