CHRISTMAS MOVIE COUNTDOWN #6: The Muppets Christmas Carol

The Christmas movie countdown is our way of sharing the movies that get us in the festive mood, every day until xmas (kinda like an advent calender, minus the chocolate, sorry)

The Muppets Christmas Carol is a family classic. Although perhaps not the most traditional version of Charles Dickens’ tale, the 1992 masterpiece tells a gripping story of ghosts, magic and poverty on Christmas Eve in 19th century England. Poor little Bob Cratchit, also known as Kermit the green frog desperately wants to support his family but Ebenezer Scrooge stands in his way…

Luckily in Victorian England this problem was easily solved by a couple of spooky spirits (I personally find it more than acceptable to watch this film at Halloween too) who show him his past, present and future, making him re evaluate his life and bam! Suddenly he’s a nice guy and Kermit’s family live happily ever after.

Watching this film takes me straight back to year 6, sitting on the benches at the back of the school hall, sneering at everyone else sitting on the mats, and watching (in my opinion) the best Christmas film there is. To this day I frequently find myself bursting into reprises of “ITS MARLEY AND MARLEY OOOH!” And Kermit will always hold a special place in my heart.

Amazing? Well it gets better. This film even passes the Bechdel test!

By Imogen

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