The Christmas movie countdown is our way of sharing the movies that get us in the festive mood, every day until xmas (kinda like an advent calender, minus the chocolate, sorry)

Every year, when it gets close to Christmas time, my family and I all sit down together and watch Elf. In all the nine years of this traditional I don’t think I’ve ever watched it and not laughed out loud.


Buddy the elf (Will Ferrell) is a human, raised by elves, who journeys to New York in such of his real family. Buddy is charmingly oblivious and a really accurate representation of children during the festive period. The move also features James Caan and a grouchy, blonde Zooey Deschanel, which makes for an interesting change to her more recent roles.
I normally recoil at the mention of a “feel-good flick”, but Elf just really puts me in the festive spirit. Suddenly, I want to wrap up in duvets clasping mug of hot chocolate and sing with my family??? Must be doing something right.


From what I recall, sadly Elf does not pass the bechdel test. While there is more than two female characters, this does not at all compare with the primarily male fronted first billed cast.

By Joey

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