There are few moments in life sweeter than when a character says the title of the movie they are in. So what better use of time could there be than to relive the top ten moments.

In tenth place we have Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…

This quote is really sweet and lyrical in the movie and I’m glad they gave it such emphasis by making it the title. It’s well deserved.

In ninth place there’s the iconic final scene of breakfast club…

I wont lie to you I’m a little confused about why exactly they opted for the name “the breakfast club”. But they made a go of explaining it and you gotta love when the title of the movie is the last line.

In eighth is Love actually…

It’s not quite as snappy as some of the other moments, but guys… love actually is, all around. So you tell ‘em Hugh Grant.

Seventh place goes to the all time classic, Dude, where’s my car?

Because doesn’t it just tell you everything you need to know about the film.

In sixth is Bruce Almighty…

Because never does a title sound better than when it is shouted from a high place with a dramatic storm in the background.

In fifth place is awarded to Star trek: first contact

(sorry for the bad clip quality) Because title dropping is best when it’s nice and obvious.

Fourth place goes to the Dark Knight

Which has all the dramatic build up one could hope for and it’s the last line so it’s super cool.

Third place appears to be, some kind of hot tub time machine…

The intensity of this line is simply unparalleled and that quick glance at the camera probably merited an academy award. So this moment is well deserving of its bronze medal.

Coming in second is Doctor Who

I know it’s not movie, and it’s not just one moment but I just love it that the script writers are just as eager for people to ask “doctor who?” as the audience.

And finally my number one has to be…


Dr Emmett Brown is probably the best mad scientist that will ever exist, and that point at the camera is just cinematic gold. I dare you to try and top it.

By Bella

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