FILMS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist


I must have been 11 when Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist first came out, and I saw one of those big ol’ posters in the ODEON. I remember my nan saying to me that day “That looks sweet, we should see that this weekend”. How thankful i am that we never DID watch it together, due to the very obvious orgasm noises from Kat Dennings (my baby) towards the end.

But that bloody film was always poking around in the back of my mind, i’d never seen anything like it before, but something about the trailer and poster clung to me in a way that i could just tell it would be perfect for me.

3 years later me and my friend Hollie were being cheeky little things and trying to find links to movies, and we stumble on Nick and Norah. Trying to describe my first experience of that film in a sentence is probably impossible, but Caroline is my home gurl. Obviously i adore Michael Cera as Nick, and Aaron Yoo as Thom (shout out to the fact that he had a broken pelvis the majority of the film) but the actresses just completely steal the show, oh my GOSH. Ari Graynor as Caroline is definitely my accidental role model in life. She is described as a “hot mess” frequently by her peers, appears to be quite promiscuous, sassy, and an obvious alcoholic. In retrospect, maybe she wasn’t the best role model for me, but all i can see is that we’re both having a grand time. For me, Caroline is the main act, and i always wait on bated breaths for her next scene, but who could forget Norah herself.


Who doesn’t love Norah, she’s sarcastic, moody, and kind of angry. She’s tumblrs dream girl. But all jokes aside, she’s the part of me i wish would come out more often, she stands up for herself, and is so cool and mysterious.

Off the top of my head i can think of two problems with this film:

A) Slight boob makeover (but still funny, something about sassy gay guys with a trunk full of bras in their van.)

B) The off-screen orgasm. Kat Dennings has touched on this herself, “You can show, like, a man having an orgasm, and it can still be PG-13 and you can be on his face, but if it’s a woman, it’s R. Yeah, if you’re on a woman’s face when she’s having an orgasm- at least that’s what they told me, maybe they just don’t like my face”. Isn’t she the best. Obviously this double standard is very problematic, but, at the same time, the way the scene was shot, was so tastefully and comically done, that i don’t even wanna moan that hard.

Funny as hell, romantic, beautiful backdrop (New York nightlife), stellar storyline, stellar cast, and a darn good soundtrack. Wonderful film.

By Kiera

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